The Best Super Mario Brothers Pinatas

super mario bros pinataA pinata is a great item to have a Super Mario party for few reasons. First, it makes a great decoration for the party theme. Second, it makes a great activity at the birthday party. You can even have the first hit of the pinata as a prize during one of your party games! Finally, the kids absolutely love pinatas. The idea of hitting an object with a stick/bat and having candy fall out is always exciting! This article will discuss all the different Super Mario Pinata options.

Super Mario Pull String Pinata - This pinata is a circle with giant Mario on each side of the pinata (seen above right). It measures 18" in height and width and is 4" wide and also makes a great decoration before the pinata hitting!

Mario Kart Pull String Pinata - This pinata features Mario riding his motorbike on one side and Luigi on the other side (seen below right). This pinata also measures 18" in height.

mario kart pinataWhat is a Pull String Pinata?
A very common question is what exactly is a pull-string pinata? A pull string pinata is a pinata that has been created to be SUPER ULTRA durable. In fact, breaking it with a stick or bat is almost impossible for kids and even difficult for adults (trust us we've tried). The pull-string at the bottom is used to break open the contents. A fun idea is to have each kid hold one string and then on the count of 3 they all pull as hard as possible.

Other Options
To explore all of your options the items below are from around the web. You can see that there are a few more characters and varieties available.

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Pinata Fillers
Of course, no pinata is complete without the Pinata fillers. The fillers can be purchased at your local dollar store, on Amazon here ($4.99 - $15.99) or Birthday Express here.

Of course, you can decided to create your own homemade pinata for the birthday party. In our next pinata article we will show you step-by-step how we create our Super Mario pinata.

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