The Best Super Mario Brothers Custom Party Banner

super mario brothers bannerWhen hosting a Super Mario birthday party you may want to incorporate some sort of party banner in your Super Mario decorations. Including a banner really depends upon your location, budget and overall decoration goals. A good quality party banner really looks good and also makes a great souvenir after the party. The banner can also be hung in your child's room after the party too! Here are all the different Super Mario Bros. party banner options.

mario and luigi party banner
Personalized Super Mario Brothers Banner - A personalized Super Mario banner creates truly unique and show stopping decoration piece. The banner is printed on heavy duty vinyl which makes them great for the kids to play with or for any weather. This banner comes in three different sizes: standard (18" x 61"), Medium (24"x 80") and Large (30" x 100"). Be sure to select the size appropriate for your venue.

Personalized Photo Super Mario Brothers Banner - A personalized photo banner is the most customized option and makes quite the impression on the guests. Simply choose the message and photo and the banner is printed on heavy duty vinyl which means they'll last for a long time and look terrific! Here are the two options to choose.

super mario custom banner
super mario bros custom banner

Basic Computer Print Out - You can create your own message by printing out a Happy Birthday message on pieces of paper and sticking it to the wall. We recommend printing one letter per page to create a large banner. You can also thread a string through each letter and then hang it from the ceiling.

Super Mario Custom Banners - The selection of banners can all be customized and make a great wall banner!

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Super Mario Wall Scroll - Although a Super Mario wall-scroll isn't customizable it can still make a great banner. Simply attach a computer print out above the scroll and this will create a great banner.

If you found a different party banner or have a homemade idea let us know in the comments below!

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