Super Mario Party Favors

super mario party gift bagsOne of the main attractions at any kids party are the party favors and this is no different with a Super Mario Brothers party! The party favors should be fun, interactive and entertaining to match the excitement that the kids have towards the favors. Creating the perfect party favor can sometimes be challenging, time-consuming and expensive. However, we have assembled or created a few different ways to have terrific party favors for your party!

Super Mario Party Favor Pack – You can purchase a pre-made party favor pack (seen above) which includes a Super Mario Bros notepad, a Super Mario Bros. sticker sheet, Super Mario Bros. assorted tattoos, crayons, noise putty and a glow light stick. SImply fill the Super Mario gift box (included in the pack) with all the above pieces.

Mario Kart Party Favor Pack – This pre-made Mario Kart party favor pack includes a Mario Kart Wii sticker sheet, assorted 3D race car eraser, assorted Snap N Glow Lollipop, Mario Kart Wii Tattoos, notepad and box of 4 crayons, and a black barrel o slime. It also includes a Mario Kart themed cardboard box. You simply take all the pieces and fill the boxes to create the favors!

Whatever you choose for your Super Mario party favors be sure to select items to fit your audience. Here are a few more articles on creating your Super Mario Bros. party favors.

Super Mario Brothers Party Favors - Articles

Creating Homemade Super Mario Chocolates for Party Favors

super mario chocolate mould

A great way to save money when planning your Super Mario party is by creating your own party favors. You have plenty of choices from creating your own coloring book to making homemade chocolates. We decided to try creating Super Mario Bros chocolates to see how they would turn out. Hopefully you can learn from…


Super Mario Bros Pencil, Erasers, Pencil Sharpeners and Pencil Case

super mario pencils

A great Super Mario party favor, Super Mario gift or even a prize for your Super Mario party activities is a Super Mario stationary item. The pencils usually come in a package of four (4) or more which makes it a perfect party favor. While the pencil case can make a great Party Favor bag…


Party Favors for Girls Attending a Super Mario Party

princess peach lip balm

One of the main attractions at any Super Mario birthday party is the party favors or gift bags. Kids love the excitement and anticipation of receiving their little gift for attending the party. If your party is only boys than you can quite simply just use pre-made Super Mario party favors or follow along on…


Creative Super Mario Gift Bag Ideas

super mario lunch box favor bag

When assembling your Super Mario Party Favors or gift bags a creative and fun idea is to make the bag or box part of the party favor. Typically, party favors come in either a simple gift bag or even a Super Mario themed favor box. This article provides a few creative ideas that transform the party favor bag from boring to exciting!

Super Mario Watch – A gift or party favor!

If you are looking for a fun and functional birthday present than a great idea is a Super Mario Watch. A themed watch makes a great gift for children as they have to learn how to tell the time. By purchasing a Super Mario, Luigi, Princess or Bowser watch you’re sure to know that the…


Super Mario Water Bottles

super mario water bottle

A very popular Super Mario party favor, decoration or food item is to create or use Super Mario Water bottles. You have two options either purchasing an official Nintendo 16oz Water bottle or to create your own Super Mario themed water bottles.¬† The great thing about having a customized¬† Super Mario Bros. water bottles is…


Super Mario Party Favors and Giftbags

At most kids parties the parents of the birthday boy gives away a giftbag or favor for the kids that came to the party. This is a way of saying thank you for coming. This is also a great way to ensure that the kids who attended the party felt like they got to leave…