Super Mario Invitations

super mario personalized invitationWe think it’s important to have quality Super Mario invitations to show the guests that this is going to be a party that they won’t want to miss! You have a choice between creating your own homemade invitations or buying pre-made Super Mario invitations. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Official Super Mario Invitations – The official Super Mario invitation features Mario jumping into the sky with the words “You’re Invited”. You must fill out all the party details on the inside of the card.

Personalized Super Mario Invitations – Another option is choosing a personalized Super Mario Invitation. In this case the details are printed in the cards themselves so it saves you time from filling them out yourself. Unfortunately, this is one of the most costly options (shown to the top right).

Printable Invitation – You can also choose to create your own Mario Invitations on your computer. Simply search for Super Mario characters, add that to a Word document and add your party details.

We have more Super Mario Bros Invitation ideas below.

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