Super Mario Gifts

Are you looking for the perfect Super Mario Birthday gift for someone? You’ve come to the right place! While creating our Super Mario Party Supplies website we’ve had lots of question about what to get your son, daughter, niece, nephew or friend for their birthday. That’s why we’ve put together this page. To help you find the perfect gift! Here are a few options that most boys or girls would absolutely love for their birthday!

Super Mario Puzzle – A Super Mario puzzle is a great gift for kids who like puzzles and Super Mario. A puzzle offers the challenge of solving something with the excitement of Super Mario!

Super Mario Pajamas – Normally getting clothes as a birthday gift is a bit of a drag. However, with Super Mario Pajamas are different as they are super fun and will be a hit night after night!
bowser plush doll stuffed animal
Super Mario Bros. Character Figurines – A Super Mario figurine is a very common and fun toy for a child. They get to use their imagination with the toy to create cool and fun adventures for Mario and friends!

Super Mario Stuffed Animal – Plush dolls are a great gift especially for the Super Mario fan. If you know they are a big fan we recommend getting a doll that they might not have already such as Koopa Troopa, Ghost Boo or Yoshi!

Super Mario DIecast Cars – A Super Mario brothers character diecast car toy is the perfect gift for any Super Mario Kart fan.

There are plenty more options and ideas which would make a great Super Mario birthday gift. Please read below for more Super Mario birthday gift ideas!

Super Mario Brothers Gifts - Articles

Super Mario Blankets

super mario throw blanket

A great Super Mario gift idea for most children is a Super Mario Blanket. A Super Mario themed blanket makes the perfect gift as it decorates their bed with their favorite video game character. This makes going to bed and snuggling up with the blanket MUCH more appealing and who knows maybe they’ll go to…


Super Mario Lunch Boxes and Lunch Bags

super mario lunchbox

Super Mario is a very popular and trendy character that all kids seem to love. Therefore, it’s a great idea for your child to have a Super Mario Lunch Box as all the kids will love it. Plus, if your child really likes it he/she will hopefully be more likely to remember it and not…


Super Mario Backpacks

super mario backpack

A great gift for a child for their birthday is a Super Mario backpack! Kids and parents love backpacks as they can store all their toys in one place and bring it with them on a trip or even just in the car. If you have a very large party budget then consider using a…


Super Mario Watch – A gift or party favor!

If you are looking for a fun and functional birthday present than a great idea is a Super Mario Watch. A themed watch makes a great gift for children as they have to learn how to tell the time. By purchasing a Super Mario, Luigi, Princess or Bowser watch you’re sure to know that the…


Super Mario Bros. Gift Wrapping Paper

We are currently holding a contest giving away Super Mario Wrapping paper! See this post for details! A great way to wrap a present for a Super Mario fan is using Super Mario gift wrapping paper! Unfortunately, finding Super Mario Bros. wrapping paper is very VERY difficult. We have tracked down the following gift wrapping…


Super Mario Posters

If you’re child absolutely loves Super Mario then a perfect and fairly inexpensive gift is a Super Mario Poster! A posters can work in two ways for your super mario party. First you can hang it around your house as a decoration for the party. And second, you could give it to your child after…


Super Mario Action Figures

super mario action figure

A great gift for the Super Mario Fan in your family is a Super Mario Action Figure. These action figures are a super fun toy for the kids and great way to get them away from the video games and playing with non-tv toys. Plus, they can use their imagination with the toys and pretend…


Pajamas For Your Super Mario Brothers Fan

Super Mario items are a very popular gift every year for birthday’s and Christmas. If you are looking for something related to Mario Bros. but is also functional than you could consider Super Mario Brothers Pajamas. Although, truth be told, most kids would rather receive a super mario brothers video game as a gift. However,…


Super Mario Gifts and Presents

If you’re hosting a Super Mario party that means your child is probably a huge Super Mario fan. So what better idea for a birthday present than a Super Mario present? If you’ve already purchased a different birthday gift you can always tell an aunt, uncle or grandparent to buy one of these gifts for…