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When planning a Super Mario party one of the things that should be considered is the party games and activities. Depending on their age and activeness they may be find to lay by themselves for the whole time, however, having a few planned activities as a little structure to an otherwise chaotic event! Luckily, the Super Mario Bros is a very exciting and active party theme so you’ll have lots of games and activities to choose. Here are a few ideas to consider.

super mario nes systemOriginal Super Mario Video Game – A fun idea at a Super Mario Bros. party is to play the ORIGINAL Super Mario Brothers game. Most of the kids have probably not even seen, let alone played, the original Super Mario video game. You can find a used original Nintendo system with the Super Mario Bros. video game for approximately $30 from Amazon here.

Super Mario Pinata – A pinata is a fun activity at any party and it also doubles as a great Super Mario Bros. decoration. Be sure to have all the kids stand far enough away from the child who is swinging the bat or stick.

Super Mario Photo Opportunity – Setup a photo station for the kids to take their photo. You can either have them dress-up in a Super Mario costume or have them standing next to a Super Mario Cardboard cutout. You can then include the photos in the thank-you cards or the party favors.

Here are a few articles and ideas on how to put together and organize some Super Mario party activities.

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Super Mario Party Games

Super Mario Parties are a great themed party because it is based on a video game which kids love. However, like all parties you want to have some activities for the kids to play. Super Mario Pinata A pinata is a fun activity to have at any party as your child gets to swing at…