Super Mario Food

super mario foodWhat to serve at Kids birthday party can be quite a challenge. The best place to start is by asking the birthday boy or girl what they would like to have at their party! We recommend giving them a few options such as hot-dogs, hamburgers, pizza or pasta. Once you have the main-course selected you can add a few other items to make the party special and based around the Super Mario Brothers.

Another option to consider when you’re hosting a Super Mario birthday party is using paper-plates, napkins and cups which makes clean-up MUCH easier. You can purchase Super Mario themed paper plates, napkins, cups and tablecloth which helps with the Mario decorations and keeps with the theme, however, it’s definitely not necessary. If you are going to purchase all the Super Mario Tableware then a Super Mario Party Pack might be the most cost-effective option as you get all the supplies in a full-package at a discounted price.

Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

We have and are in the process of creating an entire series of articles on how Super Mario Birthday Cakes. Check out our section on Mario Bros. Birthday Cakes here to see complex ideas like a Super Mario shaped cake to simple cakes involving Super Mario cake toppers.

We have assembled and created a few Super Mario Bros. Food ideas. Please ready through our articles below to get a better idea of some creative Super Mario food ideas!

Super Mario Brothers Food - Articles

Super Mario Water Bottles

super mario water bottle

A very popular Super Mario party favor, decoration or food item is to create or use Super Mario Water bottles. You have two options either purchasing an official Nintendo 16oz Water bottle or to create your own Super Mario themed water bottles.  The great thing about having a customized  Super Mario Bros. water bottles is…


Super Mario Party Tableware

When hosting a Super Mario Party you will be serving food of some sort whether it’s dinner, snacks or cake. If you’re looking for tips on what to use for a cake and food ideas please visit our Super Mario Food page. Whatever you decided to serve you will need to serve the food on…


Super Mario Party Food

One of the main consideration for any type of party is the food that will be served. Will you be serving Lunch or Dinner? What about snacks? Cake? etc… The best thing to do is determine which meal you will serve. This depends upon the starting time. We recommend serving ‘simple’ food that can either…