Super Mario Decorations

Super Mario Bros. Decorations set the mood and theme for the party right from the start. If you spend a bit of time creating homemade decorations and supplementing with a few store-bought Mario Party supplies you can have a well decorated party for relatively inexpensive! Here are a few ideas to help create a very cool looking party!

super mario wall decals
Super Mario Bros. Wall Decals – A great way to decorate any party room is using Super Mario themed wall decals. These removable decals not only decorate the room but can be removed and added to your child’s room after the party too! Alternatively, you can purchase a Super Mario Video Game Poster which the kids will definitely love!

Homemade Question Mark Boxes – Start with a square box or selection of square boxes. Next, cover the box with orange construction paper and glue on the shape of a question mark. Place the blocks around the house but be sure to tell the kids they are only for decoration!

Homemade Bricks – Start with a square box or selection of square boxes. Next, cover with brick patterned wrapping paper. Place the blocks around the house.

Super Mario Pinata – Pinata’s are a great way to not only decorate the party but also to have a fun Mario themed activity. Hang this near the entrance way so people can see it when they enter the party!

Super Mario Cardboard Cut Out – A cardboard stand-up is 5 feet tall and 2 ft wide which makes not only for a great decoration but also a great photo opportunity. You can then include the photos in either the Mario themed party favors or even the thank-you cards!

Here are a few articles on Super Mario party decorations or creating homemade Super Mario Bros decorations.

Super Mario Brothers Decorations - Articles

The Best Super Mario Brothers Pinatas

super mario bros pinata

A pinata is a great item to have a Super Mario party for few reasons. First, it makes a great decoration for the party theme. Second, it makes a great activity at the birthday party. You can even have the first hit of the pinata as a prize during one of your party games! Finally,…


Super Mario Bros Placemats

super mario placemat

A great way to decorate your table is by adding Super Mario placemats to the table. The placemats are actually activity placmats which have games and puzzles printed on the back. The idea being while eating and serving the food to keep the kids entertained they can play the fun games or complete the puzzles!…


The Best Super Mario Brothers Custom Party Banner

super mario brothers banner

When hosting a Super Mario birthday party you may want to incorporate some sort of party banner in your Super Mario decorations. Including a banner really depends upon your location, budget and overall decoration goals. A good quality party banner really looks good and also makes a great souvenir after the party. The banner can…


Super Mario Balloons

super Mario inflatable kart

A great decoration at any Super Mario birthday party is to have Super Mario balloons. There are many different options, this article helps to play out a few different options that might work for your party! Super Mario Mylar Balloons The Super Mario foil balloon is the most popular option for a Super Mario balloon….


Super Mario Brothers Party – Wall Decals


When decorating your house, room or venue for a Super Mario party it can be difficult to decorate the walls to really capture the theme. Luckily, there are Super Mario Wall Decals! The Wall decals come in a variety of sizes and themes so either choose a theme that you think the birthday boy or…


Super Mario Party Decorations

Super Mario Party decorations can be very simple or quite complex depending on your work effort, expectation and budget. The simplest thing to decorate is simply stop by the nearest dollar store and buy some blue, red and yellow streamers and place those around the house. This will do the job to show that it’s…