Super Mario Costumes

Super Mario Costumes have quickly become one of the most popular Halloween costumes. The costumes represent a character that kids and adults love and everyone would like to become Mario, Luigi or another Mario character! The costumes look VERY similar to the images and are durable enough that the kids can wear them for a while before they breakdown. Mario Bros costumes are also perfect for Super Mario party games like a dress-up game or a dress-up relay game. Here is a brief description of the various Super Mario Bros costumes. It is important to note that Mario, Luigi and the Princess costumes have various levels of complexity (and price) to the costume even more realistic.

super mario costume
Super Mario Costume – The classic Super Mario costume includes the full blue coveralls with red shirt, red hat and mustache.

luigi costume
Luigi Costume – Luigi’s costume is very similar to Mario’s but includes the green shirt, green hat and mustache.

princess peach costume
Princess Peach Costume – The beautiful Princess peach is a great costume for girls who are fan of the Super Mario Bros. The costume features a beautiful pink dress, white arm leggins and a crown.

toad costume
Toad Costume – Toad costumes are a very simple and fun costume which includes a blue and yellow vest and large red and white polka dot mushroom hat!

wario costume
Wario Costume – Wario’s costume includes a yellow and gold jumpsuit with yellow hat, black mustache and white gloves. This costume goes great with a Super Mario costume!

waluigi costume
Waluigi Costume – Waluigi’s costume includes a blue and purple jumpsuit with purple hat, black mustache and white gloves. This costume goes great with a Luigi costume!

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