Super Mario Water Bottles

A very popular Super Mario party favor, decoration or food item is to create or use Super Mario Water bottles. You have two options either purchasing an official Nintendo 16oz Water bottle or to create your own Super Mario themed water bottles.  The great thing about having a customized  Super Mario Bros. water bottles is that you can place each child's names on the bottles to reduce waste!

How do you create your own labels?
1) You will need to purchase a water bottle labeling kit. There are plenty of options to choose, however, we recommend selecting a waterproof label as it will last longer and look better!

2) A photo and words to create your label. We recommend using a program like Powerpoint to create the label. Simply use two images on either side of some text. This makes a great look while keeping the design simple. The text can be anything from "Happy Birthday Parker" to "Super Mario Liquid" or "Super Mario Power Up Juice"

3) Using your printer (preferably a laser printer) print the design onto the label.

4) Now apply the label onto your water bottle. The labels above fit a 20oz bottle but be sure to check sizes prior to purchasing all the water!

Note: Be sure to apply the labels prior to refrigeration as you don't want any condensation on the outside of the bottle!

Here are a few pre-made labels that may save you the work of creating your own label.

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Super Mario Water Bottle Favors / Gifts

If you are looking for a water bottle more as a party favor or a birthday gift then we recommend an official Super Mario Bros Nintendo 16Oz water bottle (as seen below).  This water bottle includes an insulated sleeve to keep the temperature just right.  Kids really seem to love these thirst quenching water bottles so if you have a small party then this might be the perfect Super Mario party favor for the kids!  

super mario water bottlesuper mario water bottlesuper mario water bottle

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