Super Mario Party Planning

So you've selected the Super Mario Party theme as your theme party! Great work, the hard part is over and now it's time to plan a party! We have listed the things that should be considered prior to the party.

Number Of Children

If you are planning a Super Mario Party the first thing you should consider is the number of children coming to the party. The best thing to do is sit down with a pen and paper and find out who your child wants to invite. You can then expand and cross-off names as necessary to come up with a reasonable list. Remember, that too many kids can become a crazy party with too many hyper kids running around. While too few kids will not be fun as well. A very common number invited to parties is 14-20 kids. Be sure to have the same number of super mario placemats, place settings, party favors, etc. for the number of kids coming to the party.


The next consideration is if you will be feeding the kids lunch or dinner. Most parties the host feeds the kids either lunch or dinner. It is usually easiest to go with something simple like pizza and hot dogs or more complicated. We recommend keeping it simple as you'll have enough going on during the party. Remember to get Super Mario Tableware to really keep the Super Mario party theme going throughout the party. Read more about our food considerations on our Super Mario Food page


The next thing to consider is how you will decorate your house. Birthday Express has many Super Mario Party ideas which includes wall decorations, Super Mario balloons, Mario and Luigi Standup (cardboard cut-outs) and more. You can also go to your nearest dollar store and buy some yellow, red and blue ribbon to complete the decorations. Read more about decorations on our Super Mario Decorations page.

Games / Entertainment

The final consideration is entertainment how will you keep them busy? Obviously the kids will be preoccupied playing amongst themselves and with their new toys. However, it's always a good idea to have a few structured games. This could include such things as pin the tale on the Bowser or having a Pinata for the kids to hit! Read more about games on our Super Mario Activities page.

Hopefully these party planning tips help you with your next party and specifically your Super Mario Party!

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