Super Mario Party Games

Super Mario Parties are a great themed party because it is based on a video game which kids love. However, like all parties you want to have some activities for the kids to play.

Super Mario Pinata
A pinata is a fun activity to have at any party as your child gets to swing at an object trying to break it and when they do candy falls out! How fun is that? This Pinata is a Super Mario themed pinata which is empty so you get to choose what to place inside.

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Pin the Tail On Bowser
To play Pin the Tail on the Bowser simply buy a normal pin the tail on the donkey game set . Then print off a picture of bowser and attach it to the head of the donkey. Yes, it's not quite right but it's kinda funny and the kids will like it.

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Super Mario Tattoos
Kids love press on tattoos and these Super Mario Tattoos won't disappoint. They come in two varities either Super Mario or Bullet Bill. Your party-goers will absolutely love these tattoos.

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