Super Mario Party Favors and Giftbags

At most kids parties the parents of the birthday boy gives away a giftbag or favor for the kids that came to the party. This is a way of saying thank you for coming. This is also a great way to ensure that the kids who attended the party felt like they got to leave with something and not just give away a toy. A great thing to do is to buy Super Mario Brothers theme party favor boxes. This is a souvenir in itself that the kids will love.

Super Mario Bros. Full Party Favor Box
The Super Mario Full Party Favor box is a completely made party favor box. You simply have to give them out at the party which will save you time shopping and filling the boxes. The party favor boxes include Super Mario Bros notepad, a Super Mario Bros. sticker sheet, Super Mario Bros. assorted tattoos, crayons, noise putty and a glow star. This makes a very fun party favor box to give your guests.

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Super Mario Bros. Empty Favor Box
The empty Super Mario Bros favor box is simply an empty favor box waiting to be filled. This is a great addition to any party as the gift bag is customized to the party theme. Having the empty box allows you to add whatever you want to the box making them much more customized.

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If you are looking for some specific party favor ideas a great place to look is at Amazon. They have a large selection of Super Mario candies, Super Mario Candy containers and other Super Mario products.

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