Super Mario Party Decorations

Super Mario Party decorations can be very simple or quite complex depending on your work effort, expectation and budget. The simplest thing to decorate is simply stop by the nearest dollar store and buy some blue, red and yellow streamers and place those around the house. This will do the job to show that it's a party but will not make it a Super Mario Brothers party. To decorate for Super Mario party you will want super mario balloons, centerpieces and standup cut outs.

Super Mario Balloons

The Super Mario mylar balloons are a great decoration for any Super Mario party. They also make a great souvenir to either give to the other kids or for your child to play with after the party. If you'd like them to be helium filler Birthday Express sells a small disposable helium tank for such an occasion.

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Super Mario Personalized Banner

A super mario personalized banner gives your party a very personalized touch. These banners come in three sizes: Standard (18" x 61"), Medium (24"x 80") and Large (30" x 100"). The banners are made from high quality vinyl material with grommets for easy hanging and durability to last. These banners make a great memento from their birthday party that you can pull out years down the road.

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Super Mario Standups

The final piece of Super Mario decorations is the Super Mario Standup Cut-outs. These Super Mario standups comes in either Luigi, Mario or The Princess and make a great decoration and prop for the party. They work extremely well as a photo opportunity as all the kids at the party can stand around and get their picture taken with Mario. The standups are a good size at 25"W x 59"H.

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Super Mario Centerpieces

The Super Mario centerpieces are a small little token that look neat on the table. They are created from cardboard so are usually a one-time use but they look great and add a nice touch.

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A well decorated party makes a ton of difference to the party guests. If you are looking for just enough decorations we recommend the Super Mario Balloons, Super Mario Standup and some streamers. Remember, that you will also want the tableware which will also help decorate the party.

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