Super Mario Parties – Niko’s 4th

One of our interests here at Super Mario Party supplies is checking out other people's Super Mario parties. And why not? Other people are hosting and having super fun parties based on one of our favorite subject (s) so we might as well see how they did it!

Today, we are featuring Niko's 4th birthday and let us just say that we wished that we were Niko! This is an amazing party which included some really creative ideas especially the gift boxes. But we really liked the cool cupcakes which included a little homemade portion and candy-goodness! The cupcakes were "Star Cupcakes" which were created by icing the cupcake, placing a star shaped candy molds and then adding eyes to look like the video game star. Then to add a little flair each cupcake got a Super Mario Bros. character which was done using paper punches, photo shop and a printer!

Definitely worth checking to see a well put together Super Mario Party!

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