Super Mario Bros Placemats

super mario placematA great way to decorate your table is by adding Super Mario placemats to the table. The placemats are actually activity placmats which have games and puzzles printed on the back. The idea being while eating and serving the food to keep the kids entertained they can play the fun games or complete the puzzles! The placemats also make a great Super Mario party favor if they don't get to the games and puzzles during the party! In fact, some parents have used them to decorate the walls of the party venue with the placemats! There are two main Super Mario brothers placemats as described below.

Super Mario activity placemat: This place mat (shown above right) features giant Mario destructing some of the Mario Land. The games on the back include a word search, word scramble and find the path to the princess.
mario kart placemat
Mario Kart Wii activity placemat: This placemat features a large picture of Mario on the front (as seen to the right).

Both sets of placemats measure 11" X 14" and are created from something more like poster board than paper. This means that they're more durable than paper.

To finish the table decorations simply add a red-tablecloth and you'll have a Mario themed table!

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