Super Mario Bros Pencil, Erasers, Pencil Sharpeners and Pencil Case

super mario pencils A great Super Mario party favor, Super Mario gift or even a prize for your Super Mario party activities is a Super Mario stationary item. The pencils usually come in a package of four (4) or more which makes it a perfect party favor. While the pencil case can make a great Party Favor bag or prize! You have plenty of choices and here are a few to choose from.

Super Mario Pencils
A Super Mario Pencil or package of pencils is a great idea for your party favors as it provides a usable and fun item to their gift bag. You can choose to give a package of four pencil crayons or divide them up one for each gift bag. Also, don't forget to add your Super Mario Pencil Sharpners with your pencils.

Super Mario Erasers
If you ask most kids they will tell you that they LOVE erasers and this will definitely be the case with their Super Mario Eraser. We highly recommend adding one of these to your party favors if you are looking for something fun that they'll definitely use!

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Super Mario Bros Stationary Set - If you are looking for a gift idea for a child than a Super Mario Stationary set is a good idea as it combines learning with their favorite Video Game character!

Super Mario Pencil Case - Finally, a Super Mario pencil case is another great party favor or gift idea. As mentioned previously, this makes a great party favor bag as you can fill it with a pencil, eraser, small toy and a few pieces of candy and you'll have a great party favor for the kids.

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You can also choose Super Mario Markers for their party favors, however, these are little less functional as kids don't really need markers for school.

Hopefully these Super Mario stationary items help to enhance your party favors or provide a more ideas for creating a great Super Mario birthday party!

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