Super Mario Blankets

super mario throw blanketA great Super Mario gift idea for most children is a Super Mario Blanket. A Super Mario themed blanket makes the perfect gift as it decorates their bed with their favorite video game character. This makes going to bed and snuggling up with the blanket MUCH more appealing and who knows maybe they'll go to bed easier and faster! Here are a few of the Super Mario Blanket options.

Super Mario Time to Team Up Throw - This throw blanket provides a great cover to a Super Mario fan's bed. The throw blanket measures 50 by 60 inches which makes it almost large enough for a twin bed.

super mario blanket who's with me Super Mario and Luigi Blanket - This throw blanket features everyone's favorite Mario and Luigi. The blanket measures 50 x 60 inches.

Super Mario Who's With Me Blanket - This blanket is the largest of the three and measured 62 by 90 inches which means it's large enough to fit a twin bed comfortably. The blanket has Mario jumping into the air with a 'bad guys' surrounding him.

Hopefully these Super Mario Blanket ideas help you choose a great gift for a special child! Finally, if you are looking to 'finish off' your child's room decorations than consider a Super Mario Wall Decals which will add that finishing touch!

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