Super Mario Birthday Party Invitations

After choosing the theme of the party the next step is selecting a date and sending out the invitations. You will want to be sure to send the invitations out in advance to ensure that everyone can save the date and attend the party. When creating your invitations you can choose from Pre-made or homemade invitations depending on your budget, time and effort. Here are a few pre-made invitations that are official Super Mario invitations so you know the quality and attention to detail will be good.

mario kart invitationsSuper Mario Invitations
This Super Mario invitation is based on the Super Mario video game that kids know and love. When kids receive this invitation they will know right away that this is a Super Mario party and they'll be VERY excited! These invitations cost $3.59 for 8 invites.

mario kart invitations
Mario Kart Invitations
This Mario Kart invitation features a Wii Mario Kart on the front with the party details inside. A great card for anyone planning a Mario Kart birthday party. The Mario Kart invitations are $3.59 for 8.

mario kart personalized invite
Personalized Super Mario Invites
Another very cool invitation for this party is a fully personalized Super Mario invitation. These invitations are similar to the other two above, however, you get to completely personalize the invitation. Not only does this add that personalized touch but it really saves you time as all the details are printed inside each invitation! With this option you have your choice between a Super Mario personalized invitation or a Mario Kart personalized invite. The one drawback of these invitations are they are more expensive at $7.99 for 8 invites.

The above invitations are the Super Mario party invites that are considered official licensed Nintendo products. In the next article we will go over non-licensed invitations that may be perfect for your party!

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