Super Mario Balloons

super Mario inflatable kartA great decoration at any Super Mario birthday party is to have Super Mario balloons. There are many different options, this article helps to play out a few different options that might work for your party!

Super Mario Mylar Balloons
The Super Mario foil balloon is the most popular option for a Super Mario balloon. Kids absolutely love mylar balloons and one themed as Mario will definitely be a hit. You can purchase these balloons in either Super Mario theme (as shown above right) or as a Mario Kart Mylar balloon. We recommend considering finding a Helium Tank if you are going to purchase mylar balloons as they just aren't the same without the helium!

super Mario inflatable kart
Mario Kart - Inflatable Kart
A more interactive and fun idea is an inflatable Mario Kart. This kart is actually intended to be used with the Mario Kart Wii video game. The kart itself is very durable, with a maximum weight of 300 pounds! This is a great decoration, party game and even photo opportunity!

Simple Color Balloons
Although, this isn't a Super Mario Balloon you can simply use the colors of Mario to create a great party decoration. You will want to ensure that you have plenty of Red, Blue and White (or yellow or beige). Another option along this same line is purchasing Super Mario Latex balloons which have Mario imprinted on the balloons as seen below.

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Super Mario Balloon Twist
Another option is to create your own Super Mario balloon twist. These take a bit of talent and expertise but the video below shows you exactly how to make Super Mario out of balloons.

[youtube NVMu7XjapCg]

If you have found a different Super Mario balloon please let us know in the comments.

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