Super Mario Backpacks

super mario backpackA great gift for a child for their birthday is a Super Mario backpack! Kids and parents love backpacks as they can store all their toys in one place and bring it with them on a trip or even just in the car.

If you have a very large party budget then consider using a backpack as the party favor. This will get a great reaction from the kids, however, it is probably out of most people's party budget!

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super mario rolling backpack
Super Mario Rolling Backpacks
Another option to consider for a backpack is a Super Mario rolling backpack. As most parents know carrying a backpack full of books, water, lunch, etc... can be very heavy and a rolling backpack is a great way to save your child's back! These rolling backpacks are very cool, trendy and themed with your favorite Super Mario character! These are the perfect piece of luggage for your kids when going on a trip as they're fun enough for them to want to pull it themselves!

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princess peach backpack
Princess Peach Backpack
For the girls who love Super Mario but would still like a themed backpack there is a Mario Kart Wii Pink Backpack. This is the perfect backpack for girls who love Super Mario!

A Super Mario backpack is a terrific gift or item to consider for the Super Mario fans out there who either need a new backpack or just want more Super Mario stuff!

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