Party Favors for Girls Attending a Super Mario Party

princess peach lip balmOne of the main attractions at any Super Mario birthday party is the party favors or gift bags. Kids love the excitement and anticipation of receiving their little gift for attending the party. If your party is only boys than you can quite simply just use pre-made Super Mario party favors or follow along on our Super Mario party favor articles. However, if you have a few girls who you know wouldn't like the normal party favors than consider a few of the following options.

Concentrate on Princess Peach
The beautiful Princess Peach, the object of all the attention in the video games is a great way to theme the party favors. If you stick with a Princess Peach theme than you are consistent with the Super Mario theme and therefore not leaving the girls out but just making them specific to the ladies. Here are a few items that would be perfect in a girls gift bag.

Princess Peach Lip Balm - Girls love lip balm and this Princess Peach themed lip balm will surely be a hit.

princess peach plush dollPrincess Peach Plush Doll - If price is not an issue than a Princess Peach stuffed animal is a great way to surprise and delight the girls! However, they do cost between $5 - $25 each.

Princess Peach Pinback Buttons or Badges - These 1.25" metal buttons all with pictures of Princess Peach. You get 6 in a pack for only $4.99!

Mushroom Shaped Sour Candy Tins - These candy tins are super cute metal tins which hold an ounce of sour candies for the kids!

Princess Peach Mario Kart Figure - This Mario kart figure features the car of Princess Peach. This is a great option for children having a Mario Kart birthday party!

Princess Peach Candy Bar Wrapper - A candy bar wrapper is a great party favor idea as it's simple and kids love it. Simply remove the candy bar wrapper and add the new Princess Peach themed wrapper.

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Hopefully the ideas above will help to create fun party favors for the girls at the party. If you hosted a Mario Kart party and made special favors for the girls what did you do? Let us know in the comments below!

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