How to Create Super Mario Edible Image Cupcakes

super mario cupcake edible imageCupcakes a very common alternative to a cake at many kids birthday parties. Parents have found that a cupcake is easier to make, less messy and provides each child with an equal serving size. You can also choose to add cupcakes to the party food in addition to a birthday cake. This means we consider Super Mario Cupcakes to be a common item at a Super Mario birthday party.

Therefore, we tried to create our own set of Super Mario cupcakes using a set of Super Mario Edible Image. Our goal of this was to see how the edible images worked, how easy they were to apply and the final product.

First, we ordered a set of Super Mario Edible Image cupcake toppers from one of the links below. We choose our set of edible images (shown above right) based on the price and characters in the set. Note: You typically only receive 12 in a package but box of cupcake mix makes 24!

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After you receive the images, you bake a batch of your favorite cupcakes and ice with WHITE icing. White icing is important as the cupcake images are created with white icing and they won't look very good with different color icings.

To apply the image you simply have to peel the cupcake topper from the sheet and place on the iced cupcake. This may sound like it's 'too good to be true' and believe it or not it is really that easy. If you are having trouble peeling the icing from the sheet you simply place in the freezer for a few seconds (yes, seconds!). The image below demonstrates the peeling of a edible image from the sheet.
super mario cupcake edible image sheet

Here we are applying the image to the cupcake.
super mario cupcake edible image sheet

Here is what the image looks like on the cupcake
super mario cupcake edible image sheet

We found that the edges of the cupcake image were 'poofy' or 'folded' which wasn't the desired look. To fix this problem we simply tried to push the edible image straight down thus squishing the icing. This could have been because we had too much (or even too little) icing on each cupcake.
mario cupcake

Here is the final product. After a few hours the icing images had 'melded' into the cupcakes making a more polished look. Unfortunately the cupcakes were all eaten before any photos of these were taken. : )
super mario cupcakes

All in all the Edible Image cupcake toppers are quite easy to apply and took very little time. The final result looks pretty good and is definitely something that kids would enjoy. We will definitely purchase another set of edible images for future birthday parties!

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