Cubed Super Mario Bros – A great party activity and craft!

A great Super Mario Brothers activity for your party to create cubed characters! A cubed character is a Super Mario character created from paper, scissor and a bit of time. Cubeecraft has created the templates for a ton of Super Mario characters. We have listed and linked to all the cubeecraft Mario characters below. Simply download, print, cut and fold!

These crafts are a great way to allow the kids to create something while keeping them off of the video game station for a few moments. If you think this won't be a successful party game than you can always include the templates in the Mario gift bags for the kids to complete later!

We created a Super Mario Power-up Mushroom to give it a try. You can see the result below.
power up mushroom papercraft

We started with a standard piece of computer paper (9.5" x 11") and the finished product was 1.5" in height. You can see the image below compared to a AA duracell battery.
power up mushroom papercraft

All in all this was a fun activity but it does take a bit of patience and accuracy with the cutting. We highly recommend using thicker paper (cardstock) to create your character. This will ensure the cutting and folding is a bit easier and less finicky. We also recommend using a color printer as you will have a more realistic and colorful character.

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