Creative Super Mario Gift Bag Ideas

super mario lunch box favor bagThis article discuss the actual gift bag and not the contents of the gift bags or party favors. If you are looking for ideas relating to the gift bag contents please see this article here.

When assembling your Super Mario Party Favors or gift bags a creative and fun idea is to make the bag or box part of the party favor. Typically, party favors come in either a simple gift bag or even a Super Mario themed favor box. This article provides a few creative ideas that transform the party favor bag from boring to exciting!

Super Mario Lunch Box - Kids love to have themed lunch boxes and what super mario tote bagbetter way to surprise the kids then a Super Mario lunch box for their party favors. The only issue with this party favor is that lunches might get mixed up at school so be sure to write their name somewhere on the inside.

Super Mario Pencil Case - A pencil case is the least expensive idea on the list, however, it also might be used the least after the party as not all kids use pencil cases.

Super Mario Tote Bag - A tote bag is a great option as it promotes recycling by limiting the number of plastic bags. Plus, in the Super Mario theme you know the kids will love them. Unfortunately, these can sometimes be difficult to find, however, we have listed a few options below.

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super mario pillowcase
Super Mario Pillowcase - Although a pillowcase is not a typical bag it can make a great container for the kids party favors. Simply add the party favors inside the pillowcase, tie a ribbon to the top and attach a name card and you have a very creative and functional party favor bag!

If you used a different Super Mario bag for your party favors let us know in the comments below. We are always looking for new and creative ideas for our Super Mario Birthday parties!

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