Super Mario Bros Party Supplies

Welcome to our Super Mario Party Supplies website! The goal of our site is to help YOU create the best Super Mario Bros. party! We created this site as we're huge Super Mario Bros fans and having a Super Mario birthday party is a terrific idea! Kids loves Super Mario and this birthday theme is sure to be a smash! If you find this site at all useful please "Like it" or "Google +1" to spread the word!

You can plan your Super Mario party in many different ways. You can create your own homemade Super Mario party supplies or order official Super Mario supplies. We recommend having a combination of homemade and pre-made items as this will save money while keeping the party looking authentic to your son/daughter.

A Super Mario party involves activities and games, food, birthday cake, party favors and most importantly lots of fun! We have many different articles to help you plan your party. We are continually updating and adding more party ideas so be sure to check back to find more great Super Mario ideas!

We are trying to be the premier resource for Super Mario Parties which includes information about store-bought and homemade party supplies. If you are looking to buy Super Mario party supplies we highly recommend Birthday Express. If you are looking for a Super Mario birthday present than Amazon has the largest selection and competitive prices.

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Super Mario Wrapping Paper Give Away Contest!

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Today we have VERY exciting news here at Super Mario Party Supplies. We are hosting our first ever contest! The prize for this contest is that we are giving away Super Mario Wrapping Paper. I know this sounds like a weird giveaway, but anyone who has ever hosted a Super Mario party will know that…


The Best Super Mario Brothers Pinatas

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A pinata is a great item to have a Super Mario party for few reasons. First, it makes a great decoration for the party theme. Second, it makes a great activity at the birthday party. You can even have the first hit of the pinata as a prize during one of your party games! Finally,…


Cubed Super Mario Bros – A great party activity and craft!


A great Super Mario Brothers activity for your party to create cubed characters! A cubed character is a Super Mario character created from paper, scissor and a bit of time. Cubeecraft has created the templates for a ton of Super Mario characters. We have listed and linked to all the cubeecraft Mario characters below. Simply…